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Talking about Love and Romance

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Do you know how to talk about the romantic relationship in English? Here We are about to pick up some common phrases or vocabulary to get you to fall in love in English!

1. First, Let’s begin with a short video teaching you some idioms about a relationship:


Be sure to take the quiz below the video.

Here are more idioms and examples for you to get familiar with those idioms again.




2. Different ways to declare your love:

Here you will learn how to say “I love you” in different languages, and some creative ways to declare your love to someone!


3. 10 ways to say, “Sorry, I don’t love you anymore.”

There are always ups and downs in our lives, and so are there in a relationship. When the heat of love cools down, and moments like this is inevitable. So let’s face the music, and learn how to say the harsh words in a more subtle way!


4. “Do you still love me?”– Changes and stages of a relationship:
“Nothing gold can stay,” so does a romantic relationship. It may start with a bang, but it won’t stay there forever. There are always changes and stages for lovers to go through.

Think about what the stages of a relationship may be and write down the phrases or vocabulary you know to describe how one may feel, think, or act in each of them!

A little help for you:

Take a look of the animation that gives you a quick look into the topic!


As you may want to know more about the different stages of a relationship. Here is an article that goes into details.


NOW Work in groups and work out a quick-fix Vocabulary & idioms list on Stages of Love!



5. How to start a conversation with someone:




Dating in English >> How Well Do You Know English Love Idioms:




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