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A Good Sense of Scent: Create A Fragrance of Your Own

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How would you describe the sweet smell of a rose, the tender and comforting  flavor of vanilla ice cream, or the bright and refreshing scent of peppermint? We often perceive the world through of sense of sight and touch, but rarely have we tried to capture the fleeting sense of smell around us in our lives. What would you put on the canvass when you are asking to paint the color of the smell of a grapefruit? How would you try to express yourself, inner thoughts, feelings, emotions, through certain scent or smell? Now go to the following website to look for inspirations to create your own scent. Choose either 1 or 2 to answer in your own blog!

1. Sparkle your imagination through perfumery:

Visit the following two websites, an online perfume shop and a certain British brand of Perfumery. Look for the perfume or cologne that attracts you. While browsing the following samples of Cologne, look for what their tasting notes, that is, the top note, heart note, and base note is respectively. Then imagine what kind of atmosphere, image, or aura the scent is intended to evoke and incense. create a post under the title as “Making Senses of Scents” on your own blog and talk about which perfume, cologne, or eau de toilette attracts you and which you would like to give as a present to someone special. Note down  the names, the major notes of the scent,  the aura or impression they evoke or create, and the reason why you choose them for yourself and someone special. If possible, insert the image of the fragrance or set up a link to its image.

i.  The Perfume Shop: http://www.theperfumeshop.com/

ii. click on the following picture for a perfume brand.









2. A Scent of My Own:  Look for Inspirations and create a scent of your own!

Go to the following site and see how certain fragrance is created based on the impression of some artist’s life and work. After the viewing, thinking about what you would like to create for yourself as a unique olfactory signature of yourself. How would you like yourself to smell like?

We all have seen the paintings of Da Vinci, Picasso, and Van Gogh, but once you decide to present what you have seen in their works through colors of scent, what would you do? Take a look of the following examples, and imagine if they smell right and true to the artists.

Some Fun fact about the sense of smelling!


Now stir your imagination and create a scent of your own!


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