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Another side of the American Election: Yes or No–The Ballot Measures (Educational Purpose)

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(Source of Photo: http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/0bfz2vv6Xk4a5/610x.jpg)

Along with the election, many states will also have a general ballot measure for the citizens to decide on certain issues, such as gay marriage, abortion, etc.

Now have a look of this section and pick an issue that interest you and make a description of the result of the ballot measure, and state your opinion on this matter in your response.

Click on the following website to look for more and write down your answer in comments on this posting.

Ballot Measure Link:http://edition.cnn.com/election/2012/results/race/ballot

Wiki on Initiative and Referendum:

In U.S. politics, initiative and referendum is a process that allows citizens of many U.S. states[1] to place new legislation on a popular ballot, or place laws recently passed by the legislature on the ballot, and vote on it. Initiative and referendum, along with recall elections and popular primary elections, is one of the signature reforms of the Progressive Era. It is written into the constitutions of several states, particularly in the Western United States.

(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Initiative_and_referendum)


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